Another Beach Biscuit Breakfast

How can you not go to a place that has not only a giant chicken outside, but also a humongous Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall?

Welcome to Skyway Jack’s.

There were many tasty and creative items on the menu, but I selected a traditional scrambled egg and sausage meal with a biscuit and a side of sausage gravy.

The biscuit was huge and appeared to be homemade. On its own, it was a bit heavy. But it proved to be an acceptable conduit for the gravy. I ended up creating my own sort of breakfast bowl with sausage, eggs, potatoes, and biscuits jumbled together and all smothered by the peppery sausage gravy. My companion called it a Breakfast Jump-up (movie reference). I called it scrumptious.

They really should add this to the menu, don’t you think? They could call it The Persnickety Biscuit Special.


Biscuits at the Beach

Ah, vacation. The beach, the sun, the biscuits…. What? You didn’t think I would go a whole vacation without biscuits did you?

Thanks to Yelp, we found a place close by that has an extensive breakfast menu – including biscuits.


I didn’t say it has the best name in the world, but isn’t that a groovy sign?

Kissin’ Cuzzins is a very casual, almost dive-y spot that serves breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is served all day, which was a good thing because we got there pretty late. What can I say? We arrived in town late the night before, went straight to the pool, then were shocked when we got out to realize it was after 1 am!

I was hungry so I ordered the Lexington Benedict, basically Eggs Benedict served on biscuits. This was a half order. Yes, that’s what I said. A half order.

You can’t really see the biscuit there but when I rearranged things a bit it looked like the biscuit had been split open and then toasted face down in a skillet – something I now can’t wait to try when I get home. I don’t think it was a homemade biscuit but who cares when there is rich, buttery hollandaise and a thick slab of ham?

Is that photo scary to you? I was told it is a little scary but wanted to show a little corner of biscuit not already covered in hollandaise. Regardless, you’ll have to trust me when I say it was delicious. I’d go back to Kissin’ Cuzzins anytime.