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Coffee Lunch Biscuit

I love it when an experience exceeds my expectations. It feels like a nice little surprise, warming up the day.

Coffee Lunch is the name. It’s a little place on the corner. Just close enough to the Music City Center (Nashville’s new convention center) and Cummins Station to be convenient for locals and visitors alike.

Coffee Lunch

I stopped in to meet a friend for coffee and was very surprised to see biscuit sandwiches on the menu. I knew they served lunch but was only expecting muffins and such (which they do have) for the breakfast hours. The biscuit selection was simple: meat, egg, cheese or some combination thereof on a biscuit.

I ordered the ham, egg, and cheese so that I would get the full effect. Well, I suppose I was expecting a smallish biscuit – “fast-food sized” for lack of a better description. What I got was truly a sandwich, larger than I could fit into my mouth, with a generous piece of ham that had been grilled, bringing out the savory smokiness.

Biscuit Sandwich

The biscuit itself was clearly homemade – no generic frozen biscuits here. Crispy on the outside and infused with garlic and some herb I never could identify. The flavors were subtle but very effective in combination with the fillings. Flaky and moist and, sadly, so huge that I could not eat it all.

Regardless, I enjoyed every bite that I did eat. So if you live in Nashville or happen to come here for a convention, look up Coffee Lunch for a latte and a delicious, biscuity snack.


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