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The Obsession

Welcome to the Persnickety Biscuit!

Here you will find an exploration of all things BISCUIT! For those of you from “across the pond,” note that I am talking about the quintissential southern biscuit from the United States. A savory treat, not a sweet one. [Well, that does depend somewhat on the biscuit, but I’m getting ahead of myself.]

What started this fascination of mine? Was it the motorcycle ride where the expectation of a biscuit with brunch was denied? Was it those buttery toasted biscuit halves that I enjoyed when I was going through chemo? Or was it that trip to Asheville and the sublime fresh biscuit goodness at Tupelo Honey Cafe?

Who knows what really drives an obsession. I’m sure it is part flavor, part history, part experience. All those things and more create an emotional connection. Yes, I said that, an emotional connection to biscuits. Bear with me. This is just the beginning of the Persnickety Biscuit. For the full story, or stories, you will need to delve a little further into the site.

I make no promises here of regular posting, flawless photos, or even step-by-step recipes. All I know is, the biscuit deserves some attention and I plan to take care of that.


What do you think?

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